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Fire Ants Control

Fire ants belong to the species of ants. They are a segmented and oval-shaped pest that inflicts painful bites and stings. They are a dark reddish-brown colour group of ants with six legs.

These creatures construct large mound nests. They are flattened and irregular in shape. They build their habitats between two and four square feet in size. They usually stay in the soil near commercial or residential premises. They can gain access indoors through HVAC systems and AC units. If they manage to enter into premises, it would create damage to the property.

Instead of biting, red ants sting. They sting the ones who disturb their nest. The sting of red ants is very painful and results in a white pustule. A person can get stung by more than one ant at the same time if disturbed in their nest.
How to prevent

The nests of red ants should be eliminated to avoid damages to the premises. Interfering with them can cause stings that result in painful irritation. The cracks and gaps must be sealed properly.

The best option is to hire a professional pest control service provider to eliminate red fly ants and their nests.


Getting help from a professional pest control service is the best efficient way to eliminate insects from your property.

We suggest a Free Consultation for our clients. We assess the source of the breeding site, level of infestation, and identify the insect species.

Our expert team of pest control technicians will advise our clients with the most effective and efficient insect control solutions required for their requirements.
We have a combination of solutions that keeps the insect infestation in critical areas within your premise.