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Cockroach Control Services in Johannesburg

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We are a leading pest control Pretorial services provider, offering end-to-end solutions to residential, commercial properties, landlords & agents in Johannesburg area. We use eco-friendly residential and commercial pest control methods, such as heat treatment and property fumigation, which are suitable for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shops, schools, etc. Our expertise and professional services ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to exterminating pests. Our pest control services include: Commercial Pest Control Residential Pest Control Pest Control Management Property Care Services.

We have been offering pest control services to residential and commercial customers across Johannesburg. We offer south africans: Survey, Advice, and Proofing Effective Treatment Pest Management Property Care & maintenance Dealing with Johannesburg pest infestations in past 10 years, we have gained the highest standards and expertise and has given us the ability to provide the best pest control advice and service for home and businesses owners across the country.

Highly Trained Pest Control Professionals No one likes to see pesky rodents running around their property. Get them removed by Eco-Pest Control. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and knows how to get those pests removed efficiently and effectively. Eco-Pest Control is proud to be a locally and independently owned business. Our employees are fully trained uniformed professionals with only one goal, complete customer satisfaction. Our Customer service is always quick and responsive to your needs..

With an intensive understanding of the extent of damage cockroaches can cause, we have developed an in-house integrated program to manage them. Our technicians assess the situation at the site and employ a combination of highly specialised methods such as gel baiting and trapping to control the cockroach problem at the root, rather than tackling it at the surface alone.

Why Use a Professional
Pest Control Company?

The techniques employed by Eco-pest control are designed to control the problem at the source for all your Professional Cockroach Control Services in South Africa. Our service provides hassle-free pest management as there is no need to vacate your home or your kitchen, while the treatment is being carried out. Cockroaches pose a major problem in the industrial sector, particularly food handling, food processing, pharma, hospitality, etc. They are unsightly to customer and employee alike and damage brand value of the company.

With an intensive understanding of the extent of damage cockroaches can cause, Eco-pest control has developed an in-house integrated program to manage cockroaches. Our technicians assess the situation at the site and employ a combination of highly specialized methods such as gel baiting, Catch-A-Roach® and Exoroach™ trap to control the cockroach problem at the root, rather than tackling it from the surface alone. The techniques employed by Ec0-pest control tackle the entire colony by infecting a single pest..

Together with FumigationSA, Eco-pest control is now offering a revolutionary cockroach-trapping technology as a part of its Service for all commercial clients: Exoroach™ Trap. The unique Exoroach™ trap is a glue based lockable trap system that catches roaches at all stages of its life. It conforms to international food safety standards and its ease of use makes it ideal for commercial spaces. We offer custom solutions that adhere to international food safety norms based on the size and operations of the company. Our service consists of thorough inspections, application, monitoring and recommendations on sanitation and proofing..

Commodities such as food grains, oilseeds, pulses, extractions, spices, tobacco, textile, timber etc., which are major items in today’s export market, are highly susceptible to infestation from stored grain pests during storage and transit. Fumigation (or the use of a gas in an enclosed space to kill pests) as a curative control technique is an indispensable requirement; lethal to all stages of insect development – eggs, larvae, pupa and adult, it not only kills live infestations..


The breathtaking city of Johannesburg offers residents sunny skies and a mild climate throughout most of the year. As the largest city in South Africa (and our state capital) Fumigation in Sandton provides plenty of activities to enjoy. While our area reflects the beauty of nature, we also experience the problems that pests such as ants, spiders, bed bugs and termites, cause on our Indianapolis properties.


Qualified, experienced residential cockcroach control Johannesburg for your home and gardens. Our expert pest technicians are only a phone call away..


Eco-Pest Control has been serving the greater Johannesburg area with advanced pest control and treatment options for many years. Our pest technicians understand how important it is to provide trustworthy services and advanced pest treatments. With three levels of residential pest control services available, we provide options that cover the unique needs of your home and budget. We offer termite control services for both residential and commercial properties. Our focus is to identify, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations for years to come. Bed bugs are no match for our effective bed bug services. We provide the bed bug treatment services you need for a property that is bed bug-free. If you’re tired of insects, spiders, rodents, and other pests making your home or business their own, turn to the licensed pest control experts at Eco-Pest Control for all your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Cockcroach fumigation is our most comprehensive and popular option, which provides the best defense against common pests in Pretoria. This program offers extensive exterior and interior pest treatments, an annual attic inspection, termite inspections, termite monitoring, termite warranty, and the highest quality termite treatment available on the market today.