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If you have any pest control issue in Johannesburg, or just need it a routine service, talk to our experts. We offer highly effective pest control and cleaning service in Johannesburg at very affordable price.

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Pest Control Agency has latest equipment and agents specific to each pest. They know complete resolution, not like regular sprays and pesticides available in market.

No, it is not costly as your health. We make sure to maintain complete hygiene proper treatment of pests to provide you a healthy environment.

If it is your first time, then get it done asap, because 1 pest invites other pets and make their deeper colonies and damages your property. But once a year complete pest control is required to maintain a healthy living environment at your property.

No, pest control is not dangerous at all, but yet some safety need to be maintained during the process. But once it is done then you can stay their normally.

Pest Control Treatment can last for many years, but still it depend upon the physical conditions like moist environment etc which favors survival of pests. But once or twice a year pest control is a good practice.

Our Pest Control Services in Johannesburg

Just type; fumigation services near me and fumigation services Johannesburg, you will get us and Collection of insects pictured against a white background. Insects play a crucial part in the ecology of the planet, but when they start playing a part in the ecology of your household then they’ve become a pest control problem and it’s time to call in the experts. At Eco Pest Control we will be able to get rid of any kind of insect which has invaded your property, using safe and efficient practices. We will be able to employ the best suited pest control method for your particular brand of insect, many of which you will find dedicated pages to on this site.



Common Pest Problems

We have wood borer treatment chemicals in-house and bed bugs control spray, There are many kinds of insects, causing a variety of different pest control problems. Some of these can be prevented through precautions you can take, such as having your home proofed for instance. On the other hand, there are some insects which come about due to conditions that you cannot control and they simply must be eliminated when they arise.


Here are some of the most common insects which cause pest control problems, and a brief explanation of how they are usually dealt with:

  • Ants – find the nest and kill the queen;
  • Bed Bugs – Insecticides, Steam, Heat, Non Chemical DE, very thorough cleaning;
  • Beetles – Insecticides;
  • Cockroaches – Insecticides;
  • Fleas – Insecticides, thorough cleaning;
  • Moths – Insecticides;
  • Termites – kill the queen; (note: Termites are a reportable fumigation services Johannesburg. We are only aware of one case of termites in Johannesburg.
  • Wasps (and bees) – find the nest, spray insecticide inside.
  • Woodworm – Insecticides.

That is a very brief explanation of how insects which tend to cause pest control problems are generally dealt with. As mentioned, you will find more information on their respective pages. No matter what kind of insects you are dealing with though, there are a few general principles which hold true in terms of prevention and eradication.

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